It’s a New Year ๐ŸŽ‡ , so I posted a video of one of my at-home espresso treats. I call it an iced hazelnut tuxedo latte. I used Monin white chocolate sauce and a chocolate hazelnut sauce from the Torani Puremade line. I have a sweet tooth, and this drink satisfied that addiction. It was very tasty, and I will certainly make it again. Recording the clips went along smoothly until it was time to pour the chocolate hazelnut, white chocolate espresso, and oat milk concoction into the glass. Spillage!

I made a second latte to redo that step and took extra precautions to prevent another wet, sticky mess. The video I uploaded needed to show an effortless process, something more pretty and refined. I thought about how life can be that way. We want things to run smoothly and show the world the final draft via our chosen social media channels. Life has moments of beauty, and I dare say times when it feels close to perfection, but there will always be bloopers, the things we wish we could edit out but can’t. After I edited the multiple latte-making clips and uploaded the video, I realized I had omitted a step. I was so concerned with removing the mess I made on my counter that I didn’t realize I had cut out the part when I poured the frothed milk into the espresso mixture. It is a minor, unnecessary step to show, and certainly one understood by people watching the video, but it was a nice shot that I would have liked to showcase.

Sure, I’ll make many more drinks throughout the year with ample opportunities to re-record, but skipping that step reminded me of a little old lesson. Don’t overlook the good, the things that went well, being too focused on the bad. This year, I’ll try to embrace those unplanned incidents; besides, there will be plenty more to come. These mistakes can serve as a buffer that sands away the imperfections, a necessary step for achieving that flawless glossy finish.

Hereโ€™s the YT Shorts video for latte lovers! You can also watch it on my other social media platforms.

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